(“Flightless bird”)

The first time

I saw lady Liberty

I was standing in the sun

Like mum had seen her

All those years ago

In the seventies

Worn, weathered. Still full

Of Hope, love and pride

Like Mum had in

Her twenties

And with one blink

I laid my lamp at her door.

What is freedom?

I wonder, and do we know

What we’re all fighting for?

History comes

In choking cycles

One and one equals

The turn a revolution

Of a bicycle

And if I could hope

With the same beating

Heart of a refugee

Or a migrant ministry

I would be able to tell

You all the things I keep

And am not able to tell.

Because what if I fell?

What if I-

Imagine it for a moment-

Am not just the one

Turned away from

Home burning in solvent

But there’s another kind

Of being packing their bags

Putting together their rags

Of the lives they so wish

To lead in dreams

Because their leaders said

They couldn’t do that

If they stood without means

Means meaning Money.

Status. Connection. Luck.

Without it you could be

One shot away

From being a dead duck

That’s the modernism

Of walking one country

Looking for your face

In one land to another

Speaking even if

You fear dumbly;

Can’t you see we all run

From one thing

And it mightn’t be war

It’s an assault on our right.

That’s the thing

About migration

Like birds we hover seeking

Cover feeling it deep

It in your bones

When you leave home;

Flocking to waterholes

Grasping the phone

“I’ve made it Ma I’ve made it,

Maybe now I won’t feel

So alone, even if

It takes another twenty years

To buy a passport

That names my soul as So.”

Only to collapse after

Everyone’s scrambling

For a piece to call their own.


So blurred now, I see

Remember this that

Times have changed

That they have and would be

Cycles have paused

stopped beyond deranged

Put up your dukes;

Point the finger at who

And whom is to blame

From the cripple with cash

To the walking mute in lanes

It seems as if everyone

Knows the questions

To answers

And answers to nothing

That we could ascertain

So dangerous it is

Now to write a single name;

Yes I’m right because

I’m on their side

No I’m right and better

Because I hate this divide

Stand in the middle

And play with the devil’s die

There’s so much to fear

So much to hide

Has any of us

Ever considered

Beyond words and feelings

Of me and me and me

That compassion could be used

To bide, mend that rifting

Gap and put everything aside.

We are all

Contradictions you see

Purity is something

Fleeting to be.

If we seek permanence

In dominance

Then what have we become

And what are we?

There’s a certain beauty

In something so mismatched

As what we all stand

As Threes,

I don’t like talking politics

But human is something

We weave and weave

But can it be?

Knock again I, I

Could try at The grand dame’s door

Push my hand into the dark

Hope I don’t hit the floor

Like I had once

Askance to hide in the home

Of another’s moor-

That’s it really

That’s the story of what

Its like to be

A flightless bird

The everyday migrant

Dotted through history

In every page and state

Propelled by something

Forward onward to soar-

Then wait. There’s a murmur

A matchstick of light

Burning bright through

The darkened hallway of law

Huddled masses,

Walking over broken glasses

Tired as granite but

Stalwart as before-

The first time

I saw lady Liberty

I was standing in the sun

Like mum had seen her

All those years ago

And now I see her

Again, then she considers.

Pause. Beckons,

with one blink

I don’t even think

I toss my lamp

Upon the floor.