Ten Second Kill.

It’s easy to look through the mirror. 
Pull out a dollar 
Maybe a gun 
And believe for a second 
That it’s better to kill.
But to kill is to reveal 
Seven generations 
After you, where your culture 
You so seek change 
Starts to move 
Rearrange, like the stars 
Where you’ve courted the idea 
Like the lovers you’ve lost 
In multiple bars
Of taking one shot 
Just one shot to gloss 
Frost over the eyes 
Of someone to take a life.

It’s easy to look through a mirror. 
Perhaps even easier to look 
Beyond the reasons for strife 
Have history repeat itself in a second 
For no one sees your plight 
And whoosh- out like a candle 
Goes his light, your light 
And so powerful is anger 
That it silences pain; 
Even if after multiple wars,
Nuptial deaths and countless lives 
When a child ten years, 
Twenty years from now 
Listens to someone with tears in their eyes 
Say, “I remember, oh I remember.”
As they crack open the horror 
Of the last twenty years
Where, it was easier to accept and exist
Than to resist and resist and resist 
And to consume with gluttony was realist. 
But what do we remember? 
The fact that it’s easier to tweet 
Or write replete 
The sum of all our sins 
In a message resplendent;
Or to hashtag another tragedy 
Hoping that another war isn’t a reality-
Or to take a bullet.
Write your name on it.
Stick it in the barrel of a gun 
And in one millisecond 
Take one shot 
Just one shot to gloss 
Frost over the eyes 
Of someone to take a life, 
Just like they said 
It would give you Paradise.

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