This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living; Here’s What He’s Learned
C. Brian Smith

I found this article made me consider things about which I hadn’t even thought relevant, i.e., how does a married man (heterosexual) feel in his own home. And I could see how men could feel they were always in someone else’s place and it’s important to have a place which is his and his alone (and of which he is responsible for all the housekeeping!)

However, that a husband considers his wife has many of her own rooms such as the laundry room, the kitchen, etc. jolted me. And made me realize we need our own room too. And not a utility room anyone can barge into or clutter up.

We make sure, if at all possible, our children each have their own room in which they barricade themselves behind tightly closed doors. So does every family member need it’s own space? I’m perhaps not one to offer advice since I have a 3 bedroom home of which every inch is mine and mine alone and, god help you, if you interfere with anything. Still I wonder what will be the result if everyone has their own space. With our increasing reliance on communicating electronically, will each family member spend all their family time in their own pod?

I sent this article to my 3 married daughters. I’m looking forward to their response.

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