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Jun 30 · 3 min read

It’s time for the coinswap

We are very excited to announce the official beginning of the Zano coinswap. Starting today, June 30th, 2019 at 12pm UTC, all Boolberry (BBR) holders will be able to swap any portion of your BBR holdings to Zano for a 1:1 exchange. The exchange will take place for 30 days and the ratio will remain the same for the duration. All Zano coins from the designated swap pool that go unswapped will be burnt. The swap is irreversible.

How to do it

Please make sure you use the most recent Boolberry wallet, versions 93 and higher support the swap. You should be able to see Zano Coinswap markup when you paste your Zano address in the Boolberry wallet.

What’s happening to swapped BBR coins

When you generate a swap transaction in Boolberry, it puts a Zano target address in a special place(attachment) in the transaction and encrypts it with derivation, that only sender and the network maintainers can decrypt it.

tx id 51c46092e6830784ddc075675e9b5d075aefbbb31b35bcfca146d7dd1bb1c9d6
10 coins sent to zero pubkey
Here you can see the incoming transfer in Zano wallet with the corresponding tx id


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