A welcome word from Mardo Soo, Founder & CEO of Zantepay

Hi, I am Mardo Soo, founder, and CEO of Zantepay. We are building a cryptocurrency multi wallet, integrated with payment solution.

Cryptocurrency is still far away from mass adoption, because of the many factors. It should be easy and affordable. At the moment there is lots of volatility, uncertainty in the space. And once you have your tokens or coins, how do you spend them?

With Zantepay you can spend your digital currency with a pre-paid card or with your mobile. For the mobile payment, we are using an NFC technology. The NFC technology adoption has begun. By 2020, every POS in Europe have to have NFC reading terminal installed, and we want to be there with our solution when it happens.

We are building solutions for different customers. For those who want to have privacy and easily manage their assets, we offer a decentralized mobile multi wallet. That solution is for a global market and is an option for an unbankable population in Asia and Africa.

The smartphone market is growing exponentially. There are more than 2,4 bln smartphone users in the world. In 2017, 70+ million people in India were using a smartphone for the first time in their life. Many will be leapfrogging the technology and using mobile apps.

For those who want a card, we offer online multi wallet with an integrated pre-paid card.

How Zantepay stands out from the competition?

First of all, we use next-generation video verification and are fully compliant with AML, required by the regulators. Secondly, the user can name a beneficiary of the account in case something happens. Just like with a normal bank account. None of the wallet providers today offer this option.

Where do we want to be in let´s say 5 years from now? I believe, within the next 5 years digitalization will be happening globally towards digital currency and mobile apps. By 2023 we expect 1billion wallet users worldwide and 500,000 card users in Europe.

After 10 months of hard development, last Monday we had a record of 2041 users signing up within a day. It is just the beginning!

To learn more on ZANTEPAY project and to participate in the ICO visit https://zantepay.com

Also join the discussions in our Telegram Group.

We bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream!

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