We at ZANTEPAY are excited to announce our confirmed upcoming listing on HotBit.

HotBit is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 with its main focus on Asia markets and more than 70,000 active users.

After ZANTEPAY ICO is finalized and ZNX tokens are generated, you will be able to buy and sell ZANTECOIN on HotBit. The company has many trading pairs, so you can deposit a diverse range of different tokens, including ZANTECOIN without problems. The transactions that you make also have a small fee of that you need to pay in order to complete the transaction.

HotBit finds other people who want to trade the same trading pair that you do and match you two. To make transactions, you have to store cryptocurrency in your wallet and then deposit the quantity that you want to trade on your account. If you want to trade ZNX/ETH, for instance, you need to deposit ZNX.

HotBit has high liquidity and multi-currency support, supporting many altcoins that you will be able to trade.

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ZANTEPAY is the alternative payments startup based in Tallinn, Estonia, offering cryptocurrency multi wallet / debit card integration.

ZANTEPAY is going through Initial Coin Offering to fund it´s project. The ICO is progressing in stages offering ZANTEPAY tokens (ZNX) at 25 euro cents until the end of ICO, 15th of July.

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