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ZANTEPAY is proud to present its partnership with VERIFF, state of the art identity verification provider.

Estonia based VERIFF is utilizing advanced facial recognition software, video analysis and biometric data to verify user’s ID online. VERIFF´ s solution allows users to identify themselves in minutes by providing a short recording of themselves presenting their passport, id-card, or driver’s license. VERIFF then analyzes the short video, verifies the validity of the document, and compares it to a government-provided databases. This way user’s identity is securely approved in a fraction of the time normally required for this process. VERIFF´ s solution is recognized as a valid form of identification by Estonian and European authorities, and is used by several banks as well as by Uber.

Mardo Soo, the founder and CEO of ZANTEPAY said: “We are happy to finally find a trusted verification partner. To be able to sustain a business we have to be fully compliant with regulations. Nowadays, not even one wallet provider is able to perform airtight KYC (Know your Customer) procedure.With VERIFF´s solution we are bringing to the market totally new standards for verifying users in crypto field. This will be a big step forward bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. Without VERIFF solution it is basically impossible to identify a fraud.”

Verification confirmation e-mail sent to verified user

Ron Luvistsuk, the CFO of ZANTEPAY commented: “Firstly — VERIFF is the only verification product that is trusted by Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Finance Inspection. In our case, by using VERIFF, we dramatically decrease the level of fraud and comply all our activity with European regulation. Secondly — VERIFF offers not only face identification based on face recognition systems, but also video verification. Video verification made by VERIFF is in compliance with Estonian Bank Law, it allows to identify clients around the world without meeting them face to face. VERIFF supports more than 450 documents for more than 200 countries.

Estonia based ZANTEPAYprovides cryptocurrency multiwallet /debit card integration. You can spend your bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and zantecoin anytime, anywhere. ZANTEPAY partnered with GFC Good Finance Company AS based in Tallinn, Estonia, principal partner of Mastercard ®

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Veriff, is an online identity verification company. It is the new standard in identity verification, allowing any website or mobile application to verify a driving license, passport or ID. The integration via API takes just minutes.

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