ZANTEPAY team is on the mission of bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream

Zantepay is Estonia-based alternative payment startup, founded in 2017 by Lena Elvbakken and Mardo Soo. We are building a blockchain based payment platform, including universal wallet, pre-paid card and cryptocurrency exchange.

Our main goal is bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

What is cryptocurrency and why we need it? To us, it ´s main core purpose is to fix fiat currency ´s problems, like inflation, privacy, transaction speed, transaction cost, making banking available to the unbanked population.

Cryptocurrencies are in the test mode; more and more people are trying to understand the possibilities the blockchain technology has to offer.

We believe, that all the existing currencies to date (state national currencies like USD, EUR, etc as well as blockchain based bitcoin, ether, etc) are just prototypes. We believe, that combining all those into one product will change dramatically the global financial system as we know it.

Traditional currencies have a number of problems: high inflation, privacy, control by the banks and government (nobody wants to be controlled). Bitcoin´s biggest issue is volatility.

We are building two different tokens for Zantepay platform, ZPAY, and Ztoken.

ZPAY is already tradable on public exchanges (, and is used as a payment at MegaXstore (you can buy more than 20,000 items with ZPAY). It will also give you a 50% discount on all the fees within Zantepay platform.

Ztoken is our native stable coin, always valued at 1 USD. USD with the official inflation rate 1–3% per year is used as a universal currency. There are more than 50 countries in the world with the inflation rate 5–20%, where Venezuela hit 1400% mark this year.

So, our goal is to rebuild the global financial system and to keep people from losing their money. We all know how hard is to earn some.

Our stable token targets Asia, Africa, and South America in order to provide a financial stability to people and businesses in those countries.

People are losing trust in government-issued currencies. Even bitcoin has a high inflation problem. Let´s say you bought bitcoin in December at $20k, today it is around $6k. I am from Estonia, and I lost 3x of my money because of bitcoin ´s correction. This is not a good deal for me. But then again, for people in Venezuela, who have 140x inflation, loosing only 3x their assets, is not such a bad deal. So it really depends. People in Africa, Asia, South America, even the USA, and Europe are loosing too much money. We think crypto can truly fix that.

We really think that people will feel safer keeping their money in crypto than any other currency. The greater the adoption of cryptocurrencies the higher the inflation of traditional currencies will be. What happens in Venezuela, will be happening in other countries.

One of the biggest problems are the governments who do not understand the technology or ban cryptocurrencies and ICOs. When it happens it really makes sense moving your project abroad. Most of the project owners have experienced problems dealing with banks and financial institutions, who ban crypto, close banking accounts. We are in the same boat and we need to work together to overcome those prejudices.

Most of Zantepay team are from Estonia. We are lucky because the Estonian government is supporting blockchain. It has understood the power and benefits of technology and working out the legal framework for cryptocurrency-related projects as we speak.

There are two licenses a crypto-related project has to obtain: a virtual wallet operation license and cryptocurrency exchange license.

Our team can help other blockchain-based cryptocurrency projects to fill all the legal requirements and set up its operations in Estonia. Bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream is not a one man´s job. We have to do it together. We think that Estonia has a potential to become a crypto capital of the world. Together with our team and experience, we want to help your project to succeed.

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