ZANTEPAY is pleased to announce that it is moving forward with the project integrating cryptocurrency multi wallet and debit card through Estonia based payment company GFC — a principal member of Mastercard.

On Tuesday, May, the 8th the representatives from Mastercard and GFC were having a discussion on the partnership and it all looks good for Estonia based alternative payments startup ZANTEPAY.

Mardo Soo, the CEO of ZANTEPAY has commented: “Now when we´ ve got a green light from GFC and Mastercard, we are ready to move forward with the project. The first step will be building a wallet, then integrating it with GFC payment system, then connecting it to Mastercard network. We are not going to display Mastercard logo until they do complete audit of the project”.

There are two main aspects of this partnership — compliance with EU regulations, AML, KYC policies and technical solution.

“We have presented GFC and Mastercard with the payment architecture plan and it has been preliminary approved. We just need to test it in action. For the client onboarding verification we use 3rd party solution, which will be announced later this week.” — continued Soo.

Mardo Soo, Founder and CEO of ZANTEPAY

Pay attention! ZANTEPAY ICO part I is about to end on May 15th at 18.59 Tallinn (EET) time. Price of the 1 ZNX token will rise from 0,1 eur to 0,14 eur. Our mission is to build the project the way that this will be the last time you´ll ever see ZNX price as 0,1 eur. The biggest hype is about to begin!” — concluded CEO of ZANTEPAY.

ZANTEPAY is the alternative payments startup based in Tallinn, Estonia, offering cryptocurrency multi wallet / debit card integration.

ZANTEPAY is going through Initial Coin Offering to fund it´s project. The ICO is progressing in stages offering ZANTEPAY tokens (ZNX) at 10 euro cents until 15th of May, then at 14 euro cents until 15th of June, and finally at 25 euro cents until the end of ICO.

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