ZANTEPAY weekly update 05.07.2018

Zantepay ICO ends on 15th of July 2018

Greetings to all of You in Zantepay community!

And what a community it is! We are over 10,000 members in Zantepay Telegram Group!

As Zantepay ICO is approaching its final on 15th of July, we are focusing on moving forward with our project according to the roadmap.

Obtaining the appropriate license, even for alternative payment company, is a must thing. We are happy to announce, that on 19th of June Zantepay has been granted a virtual wallet-operating license by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.

After ICO is finalized and all tokens are distributed Zantecoin will be tradable on public exchanges.

We have sealed the deal with HotBit, a cryptocurrency exchange with a good volume and friendly UI.

“I thought Binance was the most user-friendly exchange. Until I tried HotBit. It seems even easier to use” — says Mardo Soo, the founder of Zantecoin.

Zantecoin will be also listed on PEXO and Coinplace. Pexo is a mobile cryptocurrency exchange on Android, targeting India market and the same audience as Zantepay — mobile app users.

Coinplace is a P2P token trading platform, where you can buy or sell tokens using the most popular means of fiat payments — PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, SEPA, credit cards as well as AdvCash, WeChat and Perfect Money.

We asked Mardo Soo, the founder of Zantecoin to comment this listing.

“Zantecoin is designed to become the new mainstream cryptocurrency. With that in mind we want to list it on every token platform, exchange and marketplace in order to reach our investors, supporters, community and eventually promote mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are open to cooperation with any project, which is ready to accept Zantecoin as an alternative payment,” — said Soo.

Follow our announcements and get ready for Zantecoin to go LIVE on above-mentioned exchanges. Have you set up your account yet? What will be your strategy, hodl, buy or sell? Where would you like to trade Zantecoin? Leave your comment.

On behalf of Zantepay team, we thank you for your faith and support in us and Zantepay project. The end of the ICO is just the beginning of the work ahead. Our goal is to make Zantecoin a true valuable cryptocurrency out there.

Stay tuned for more announcements and updates.


ZANTEPAY provides cryptocurrency multiwallet /debit card integration. You can spend your bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and zantecoin anytime, anywhere. To learn more on ZANTEPAY project and to participate in the ICO visit

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