ZANTEPAY ICO part II is coming to the finish line. There are 3 DAYS LEFT.

On 15.06.2018 at 19.00 Tallinn time (EET) ICO part III will begin. ZNX token price will increase from 0,14EUR to 0,25EUR. At this final stage total of 20.000.000 ZNX tokens will be sold.

We are also moving 550 mln ZNX tokens from ICO pool to ZANTECOIN BOUNTY program to make ZANTECOIN widely used currency where all the fees are paid 100% in ZANTECOIN.

Here is a recap of what we´ve been busy with since the last update:

1. We were focusing on building the infrastructure and partnerships, which allowed us paying our partners 100% with ZANTECOIN. This has been a really huge step towards making ZANTECOIN widely used.

2. We are in the process of negotiating listing of ZANTECOIN on several cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. Shortly, we will be announcing where ZANTECOIN will be tradable after the ICO.

3. As far as marketing strategy goes we are putting NO limits at all. Our goal is to list ZANTECOIN on every exchange possible. We are looking into partnerships with several marketplaces to add ZANTECOIN as a payment currency. Where you can pay with Bitcoin, there you should be able to pay with ZANTECOIN. Our goal is to make ZANTECOIN the new global cryptocurrency accepted everywhere.

We are open-minded to all different cooperations with businesses which would like to accept ZANTECOIN.

What the future holds? We are launching merchant BONUS program to accept ZANTECOIN as a currency. We are targeting all online marketplaces (retailers, adults entertainment, casinos, etc), every possible business you can think of to accept ZANTECOIN as a mean of payment.

It’s your last chance to buy ZANTECOIN for the lowest price it is ever going to be!

Thanks for joining us!