ZANTEPAY weekly update 7–14th of May 2018

Last week was extremely busy for Zantepay. ICO is in full swing, it is only 1 day left before ICO II part begins, and ZNX price will go up to 0,14 EUR. So if you are thinking about participating in the ICO, now is a good time to join. We have made the purchase process more convenient, Ethereum address is being generated almost instantly.

As always, development is a big focus for us. We have put out the alfa wallet, so you can see and feel how it is going to look like when it ´s ready. If you have any feedback at this early stage, please do share your thoughts with us.

Our Telegram community is going strong and we are getting some interesting questions, mostly about card integration, which countries are eligible for the card and so on. You have also asked us to do AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and we think it ´s a great idea. So we will schedule the live stream and let you guys know when to tune in. You can post the questions to the Telegram group and we will try to answer them all.

On Tuesday we had a turning point, where Mastercard had a meeting with GFC, our card provider, and discussed cooperation on our project. They were positive and that is great news for us! We can move forward with our project. To read the whole article on the outcome of the meeting, please click here.

The last, but not the least, we are happy to announce, that Daniel Raissar has officially joined ZANTEPAY as new CTO. His task is to build state of the art wallet for ZANTEPAY and integrate is with debit card.

Thank you for all your support. Have a great summer time! Or at least it feels like summer here in Tallinn :-)

ZANTEPAY founding team.

ZANTEPAY is the alternative payments startup based in Tallinn, Estonia, offering cryptocurrency multi wallet / debit card integration.

ZANTEPAY is going through Initial Coin Offering to fund it´s project. The ICO is progressing in stages offering ZANTEPAY tokens (ZNX) at 10 euro cents until 15th of May, then at 14 euro cents until 15th of June, and finally at 25 euro cents until the end of ICO.

To join the project and participate in ZANTEPAY ICO please visit

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