It is reported, that Estonian fintech startup ZANTEPAY will be traveling to New York next week, to record “Exploring The Block”, nationwide interview series show for televised broadcasts on the Fox Business Network.

“Exploring The Block” show’s goal is to showcase, question & explore companies changing the way the world uses data and security using “Blockchain Technology.” The show’s aim is to create a platform to learn about the opportunities and advancements brought about by the invention of “Blockchain.” By uncovering and interviewing companies utilizing “Blockchain” technology, the shows producers’ hope to explore the potential impact this technology will bring to society.

The show airs in the United States reaching potentially 100 million homes, in Canada reaching potentially more than 5.3 million homes and reaching on other select viewed International stations.

Mardo Soo, the founder, and CEO of Zantepay, said “We are excited to go to New York. Our goal is to spread the word about Zantepay project, bring influencers and top investors onboard. “

Soo has confirmed, that the schedule is tight and the startup founders have scheduled meetings with representatives from Bloomberg, Forbes as well as with several VCs.

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