We are thrilled to announce that Zantepay´s new token ticker is ZPAY (zi:pei). It is replacing previously announced ticker ZNX. Why the change?
As Zantepay project evolves and matures we wanted our token to represent what Zantepay stands for.
That´s why we came up with ZPAY, Z stands for Zantepay and PAY for what our token intends to do — to become a new payment alternative, new mainstream cryptocurrency.

Mardo Soo, the founder, and CEO of Zantepay stated:

“After one year into Zantepay project, we now have a clearer vision where we are heading. ZNX didn´t represent what we do, but ZPAY does.”

After new token ZPAY is generated and distributed to the community, it will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stay tuned for the exact date of ZPAY token listing.

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ZANTEPAY provides cryptocurrency multiwallet /debit card integration. You can spend your digital assets anytime, anywhere. To learn more on ZANTEPAY project please visit https://zantepay.com
We bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream!