ZPAY partners with EXTRADECOIN

ZANTEPAY is happy to announce it ´s strategic partnership with Extradecoin — cryptocurrency exchange for traders and gamers operating out of Vietnam.
ZPAY token will be listed on Extradecoin when it becomes fully operational in late 2018.
ZPAY is working on providing crypto wallet service globally, so making strategic partners worldwide seems like a logical step.

In his latest interview with Money in Crypto, Mardo Soo, the CEO, and Founder of ZPAY, was naming Asia as one of the strategical markets for the decentralized mobile wallet application:

“The Asian market is incredible. In 2017, 70+ million people in India were using a smartphone for the first time in their life. Our Zantepay platform has been up and running for 3 weeks now. After 10 months of hard development, last Monday we had a record of 2041 users signing up within a day. We are still in the beginning…
“I believe, within the next 5 years digitalization will be happening globally.
The smartphone market is exploding. Currently, there are more than 2,4 bln smartphone users. There are millions and millions of people joining every day.”

ZPAY has an ambitious target, 1bln decentralized wallet users globally and 500,000 contactless payment solution users in Europe within 5 years.
That is why partnerships with other blockchain projects, like Extradecoin and community awareness give us a needed support and feedback to innovate and expand further.

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