Exploring the new way to structure components in Vue applications

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Vue has been around for a while now. It has been gaining immense popularity within the developer community and has managed to grab the attention of many react/angular developers. Much of this was owed to the absolutely simple and intuitive component APIs that exist in Vue. With Vue 3, however…

A few uncommon but useful typescript types - with examples

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Typescript is awesome! It allows developers to use primitive and user-defined types in javascript. Lately, more and more javascript frameworks are providing firsthand Typescript support; Angular, , and many more.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, I would highly recommend it. You can get started .

Disclaimer: This…

A quick React Custom Hooks tutorial — with examples!

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React introduced hooks in the v16.8 release and they’re just plain fantastic! They’ve enabled developers to extract business logic out from components that weren’t otherwise possible with class-based components. This not only made the code shorter and cleaner but also provisioned for the sharing of logic and not just UI…

Ever wondered how facebook’s create-react-app handles the bundling and bootstrapping behind the abstraction of yarn build? Let’s try to bootstrap our own react application using webpack 4 and babel. 😸

I’ll be using yarn through this article but please if you use npm, well, that’s fine too. 😁

What is webpack and babel?

Essentially, converting…

So this is going to be a super short primer for people who’re trying to write JOI extensions. I recently wrote an extension to validate mongodb object IDs and I’ll document the steps for the same here; Let’s get started

Joi uses something called as extension objects to “extend” its…

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