Quick note: Man and culture

According to a YouGov research, younger American men are noticeably less likely than older men to say that they are ‘completely masculine’. Here is a chart from that research:

“Research from YouGov shows that the muscular masculinity of decades past is a fading feature of American life for the young. Americans were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 0 to 6, there 0 is ‘completely masculine’ and 6 is ‘completely feminine’”

What I would like to see is how this decline of traditional masculinity changes the structure of “national culture” and what the implications of these changes are. According to Geert Hofstede, there are six national culture dimensions and one is “masculinity vs femininity”. The Masculinity dimension shows how competitive and assertive a society is and how things such as heroism, achievement and material rewards for success are viewed. The more masculine a society is, the more it feels positive toward domination, achievement, competition, the survival of the fittest and material gains for success. Society values competitiveness when it is more masculine. Its opposite, femininity, represents a preference in society for cooperation, inclusion, modesty, humbleness, caring for the weak and quality of life. Society at large is more consensus-oriented, open to vulnerability and caring. “In the business context Masculinity versus Femininity is sometimes also related to as “tough versus tender” cultures.” But is it also true in the context of Politics? Can this decline of masculinity explain the appeal of Sanders to younger voters and Trump to older voters? Is “Trump the badass” and Sanders “the kind” explain a structural change in American national culture as a whole ? I think the generational difference regarding “manliness” can partly explain why younger voters are open to the idea of “democratic socialism” and older male voters are seeing the “man of change” in Trump.

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