Don’t Keep Calling “Help God”

God Is Busy Planning Big

“woman raising her right arm” by Wang Xi on Unsplash

“God, just get me through this exam. I promise I will work harder the next time.”

“God, just save my face this time, I promise to be more careful next time.”

“God, please just one last time…be with me for this match and make me win.”

Raise your hand if there’s anyone who hasn’t repeated such sentence frequently in life?

(Yeah, maybe you could just leave some comment behind and not raise hand!)

We consider God a Stepney? (read spare Tyre)

More often, we remember him for useless and short purposes.

God is there planning bigger dreams coming true for you.

God is there fixing and mending your faults.

Is it fair to shout out for help if you got a flat Tyre? Or say you running late for office?

See life at a much wider prospect.

Don’t pray “God, just get me this annual raise, I’ll be happy.”

Instead, pray “I am confident in your abilities God. I know you have plans for me, much better than mine.”

Don’t go around year after year expecting God to sort out the same old small stuff for you.

God is an index of increment. He has greater levels of ingenuity.

Where you are, is not where you’re supposed to stay. You’re supposed to rise higher and have a bigger vision of life. Perhaps, you aren’t aware of this.

But He knows what he is up to, too well.

“Don’t limit your vision. Don’t limit what I can do for you.” You may not see how it could happen. Your job is to believe. I have thousand ways to bless you in ways you never thought of.”

— God

27. Pragmatic, ambivert, epistemophile. Optometrist. Writer by passion, Poet by a natural flaw | Not a Priest; Not an Atheist.

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