I know I am drunk but I also know I am not crazy

A blurb about a conversation I had with a couple of friends at a bar.

Tonight, I had an interesting conversation with Gaby and Santiago, but I don’t remember much of it.

I remember Gaby and I arguing on the side of faith, and Santiago arguing for philosophy and science. I remember that Gaby and I were in sync, having an answer for every question Santiago posed. I also remember Santiago having an answer for every question Gaby and I posed. There is a sense in every religion and science that there is an answer for everything, even if we do not know it yet. I don’t have an answer for it now, but I may later. On every side, the answer is an open mind. However, no science will ask for an open heart. Faith will ask for both an open mind and heart, because only with both will you be willing to accept faith and its words.

I remember Gaby wasn’t entirely convinced of either side. I remember Santiago on the side of science. I remember me admitting my faith.

I also remember not being alone.

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