Medium is the place to go to share stories and ideas. Whether you’re an active Medium author or are thinking about joining the ranks, Zapier can make the process a lot easier.

If you don’t know us, hi. We’re Zapier. We’ve created an automation tool that lets you instantly connect Medium with 1,500+ other apps. Any time something happens in the other apps you use most, Zapier can automatically create a post on Medium, using information from that original app to populate the post.

Let’s say you do most of your writing on your own blog, but you want to…

While software was busy eating the world, we quit calling it software. You wouldn’t download software on your phone — but there is an app for that and every other thing you might want to do.

The iOS App Store changed how we talk. Its release in July 2008 was the turning point. Within four years, we’d talk about apps more than software. Online, web apps became the default term for applications that run in your browser. Somehow “software” seemed like something you installed on one computer, and “app” applied better to everything else — and everything else won as…

Here’s how Zapier alerts its teams

As an entirely remote team, Zapier relies on Slack to stay updated on projects, collaborate on new initiatives, and goof off like a virtual water cooler. Slack is where the bulk of our work happens. We work across a dozen time zones, so there is always someone on the clock. For that reason — and because we’re an automation company — bots play a huge role in sharing news internally and alerting the team to key metrics.

Supporting nearly 1,000 apps on Zapier’s platform means we have a lot of data. You probably do, too. You want your team to…

How the Zapier team uses custom status in Slack

One of the most important parts of a developer’s work is communication about the work. That’s why we review pull requests, talk through architecture, and follow processes. At Zapier, since we’re an entirely remote company, most of those discussions start in Slack. For the last couple months, we’ve been setting status messages to help our teammates worldwide know how to best work with us.

Set a custom status to let your team know what you’re up to

Slack’s custom status does some things automatically, like set itself to “on a call” when someone hops on a video chat. We quickly realized there were many other situations where we could intelligently make automatic status…


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