Will it/I help Esperanto?

My last year in high school just started. (Let’s believe I will pass through it.) And it looks like I’ll have to study and work a lot. There are not as many subjects and classes as the years before, but I want to bring/get something from going there. So as usually when starts something new I go to school prepared and I’m trying not to be frustrated when I don’t like what is happening here. There always some friends… or a book in my bag.

More and more teachers want us to think, which is not common in czech schools and moreover they want us to write about it. And that’s why you are reading this right now.

I think the reason is, they want us to prove we understand what is going on. But there is one subject (extra class of czech and literature) and a teacher who looks like he really wants to be prepared to university education. We are talking about what an essay should be like. What is important and what we shouldn’t do and write.

Next week he’ll give us a list of themes/topics but I know, we can choose our own… And I would really like to write about esperanto. He knows I started learning it a year ago but he has no idea I love it now. And I think he knows just a bit about it’s history, philosophy and community. So it could be better for me than write for example about french naturalism in literature, which was my first idea, he teaches literature, so he knows a lot about it…

There are some problems with this topic I have chosen. An essay should include objective general informationes and some thoughts of a person who writes it. I believe I know a lot and I can search and use more but I’m not sure the essay won’t be just about how amazing the language and people are. And a bigger problem is I have to use multiple sources and write a list of them… But there is almost nothing about esperanto in czech language. I could use esperanto books I already have and a lot of english english works from internet but… I’ll ask and see next week whether I can use it or not.

In my essay I would like to write about the beginning, idea and Zamenhof, some history and progress and then the best. What is it about these days, people, events, my experience, bilingualism, effect on learning languages and future of esperanto.

I really look forward to do it altough I have a few months left deadline. Hopefully there will be more people who will read it not just me and the teacher. I’ll try hard :D to write a good and meaningful… something. Not just to fulfil what I have to to pass but I will learn something new and hopefully more people too because of the essay. Does it have sense?