Pictures of exoplanets appear on camera’s during UFO sighting.

This title summarizes what happened during our holiday in Breukeleveen (The Netherlands), in de first week of august 2017. My wife and I were staying with our friend Andre, in his beautiful house near the water. In the evening of august 1 I was experimenting with long exposure times (15 seconds) with my Canon Powershot camera, on a tripod, of course.

Day one

With that I made this nice ‘moon behind the clouds’ picture, near half past 12.

Then we saw, to the right of this scene, a blue light that turned into red and back.

With a binocular I could see that it was a blue lighting rod that seemed to rotate and float above the water, while changing color. Quite strange. I made 2 pics (15 second exposure). When I wanted to start filming my battery was empty.

This is the first pic of the location. The light of the blue rod had turned into 3 white points of light. This was op august 1 at 00:47 hours:

Zoomed in and enhanced:

You can clearly see a gold colored disk shaped object behind the lights!
For comparison: the same location the next morning:

The second pic I took at 00:52 (5 minutes after the first) does show the colored rods, red and blue. Exposure time 15 seconds, unfortunately there was a slight vibration, hence the double image. Here is the zoomed in and enhanced version:

BTW, there was no sound at all to be heard…

But then it really became strange The next morning I discovered a picture on the camera that I did not take. The time stamp is 00:07, so nearly 30 minutes before the moon behind the clouds pic. Here is the original:

Zoomed in and enhanced:

This is a planet, but not from our solar system, an exoplanet! According to Stellarium only Saturn was visible that moment, low above the horizon and this is clearly not Saturn. 
It was also fairly clouded that night. Also look where the light comes from, from the upper left…
On the original pic also stars are visible.

A green aurora can be seen near both poles. This is an indication of an atmosphere containing oxygen! Think about it : our Northern light is also mainly green because of the interaction with the oxygen atoms.

The exposure time of this pic is 1/15th of a second. I only took pictures then with 15 seconds exposure.

Day 2

The next evening I was curious what would happen. Not much it seemed. I made a 15 second pic of the sky right above us:

Zooming in on the blue object in the left upper corner shows this is not a star. It was so bright that a reflection of it could be seen in the window of the house.

I also took a picture of the location of the night before. Very faintly the ‘object’ could be seen, but without the light show of the night before. This is important for the rest of the story.

The next morning I discovered that two pictures were placed on my camera. After enhancing the following is visible on the first one (time stamp august 2nd 00:37):

Very weird. This is a combination of a pic that I had made earlier, with planets and stars projected on it. ‘They’ had not only placed pics on my camera, but also the other way round!

The second pic (at 00:38), first the original:

Again, planet like objects! Zoomed in and enhanced:

The planet in the upper right corner also seems to have an aurora.

Day 3

The next day august 3rd, was cloudy and windy. I did not even go outside that night. Still at 23:31 a picture was placed on my camera.

First the original:

No idea what this is! Zoomed in and enhanced:

On this pic also stars and other objects are visible, like this:

A lot of weirdness. Recently I discovered that also on my Huawei cell phone 7 pictures where placed, all on august 1st. I am still investigating these but it looks they are all pictures in space with stars and other objects

Thinking it all over I can only come to 1 conclusion. During the first 3 days of august the alien device was there all the time. With that pictures where placed on my camera and cell phone. And one picture was even uploaded, edited and sent back…

I also made a video of these events:

ing. Richard van Bemmelen

The Netherlands