Zapphire Coin is the future of virtual currency; everyone should have it. Our company is an integrated cryptocurrency system that is integrated into social media and developer forums such as, bitcointalk, blackhat, twitter, and Instagram etc

Zapphire Coin supplies stock up to 100 million coins with 20% Premier at ICO, 5% for supply giveaway along with bounty, and donation and 75% to the public. We are a company that comes with advantages in terms of networking, scripts, security, and business staking without a lock capital.

We utilize peer-to-peer technologies that are manageable without the convoluted flu . If you are looking for easy exchanges without the hassle of interest and hidden fees, delve into our network bonus option which allows users to sponsor their amount of coin with ease of knowing that your information will be safe from hackers.

We provide innovative technology that keeps you safe from the growing world of cyber hackers. Our team creates a unique and separate platform, such as Facebook, to help self-promote your network.

Worried about encryption safety? At Zapphire Coin, we use innovative GA security and confirmation email for each transaction. If you have any problems, feel free to check out our help forum to answer your questions.

New to the cryptocurrency world? Would you like to start an investment in our product? At Zapphire Coin we provide a FAQ page to help explain the process of introduction of the digital coin in detail and transparent.

Want a team that gives you clear cut information without the frustration? We have a forum to help answer all your questions from the introductory of the coin to block exchanges and network bonuses.

We have bonus exchange sponsors from all over the word. We have an outbound network ranging from Hanoi, Bangkok and Jakara which help you reap the benefits of being a part of Zapphire Coin’s network bonus.

Network bonuses is a feature which makes you have control of your accounts in your own way! We o er a staking system without lock capital. You ask for the terms and we provide based on your balance.

Be at ease knowing that all our exchanges support all Altcoin exchanges. We o er 50 coins per block using a unique platform using a X 15 algorithm system. Our 60 million staking system automatically detects hardfork and splits up blocks into sections.

Our client’s personal privacy is a must for the modern exchanger. We are listed with the following exchangers: Nova Exchange, Kraken, Poloniex (based approval on rules), Live Coin, and Yobit.

The future of cryptocurrency is in your hands! Allow Zapphire Coin to assist you in targeting and block break up to get that bang for your buck! Our company supports altcoin exchanges and we continue to train, socialize, and cooperate with parties without the calculated chaos.

A cryptocurrency is any kind of peer-to-peer digital money powered by the Blockchain technology. At Zapphire Coin, we provide an X 15 algorithm up to 100 million of supply coins at 50 coins per block in a 60 second blocktime.

We are for the customer’s satisfaction. Our program detects hardfork and splits up blocks into sections depending on how many blocks you want to break up for currency. For each block that is broken apart, the consumer gets a bonus from our unique platform.

Cut out the middleman and be your own boss! With Zapphire Coin you can watch your deposits mature for a network bonus. 75% of our stock is allocated to the public while the remaining 25% supplies giveaways, bounties, and donations.

Zapphire Coin currencies are locked in a public key cryptography system. We never distribute sensitive data to our parties. If you make any exchange through us, we do send you a confirmation email for each transaction to keep for your records.

Everyone loves a surprise bonus. To be a part of this spectacular deal our bi-lines require that each account must have at least 500 coins, have five downlines that deposit 500 coins directly, or the turnover of the five downlines is 2500 coins.

Zapphire Coin’s philosophy is everyone should have this opportunity to invest in the altcoin. We are a startup company whose goal is to educate, train, and socialize the ever-growing community to the world of cryptocurrency.

Zapphire Coin strives to make sure our businesses are successful in the field of cryptocurrency. We provide Altcoin exchanges as well as token create and pre-sale. The turnover of 5 downlines is 2500 coins.

We offer bounties to help you earn more coin in your pocket as well as in your stock. Ask one of our representatives or check out our forums pack to get your expertise out there!

We work with businesses that support Zapphire Coin along with other altcoin to use for your everyday purchases. From bounties to staking and networking, our company wants to make sure your wallet is a happy coin wallet.

Want to earn more coin? Hate the hassle of searching around the net? Check out our forums section for a list of our bounties of apply for our many campaigns and see the coins roll in.

Cryptocurrency opens the door to many possibilities! Our mission at Zapphire Coin is to educate and assist our clients to the realm. Check out our forums for bounties or questions regarding stakes or to learn about our community of supports.

It’s never a bad thing to earn a bonus. If you deposit 500 in our accounts you can take a maximum bonus up to 30 coins per day. No waiting for the pesky third party banks. You’ll always receive an email confirmation from us when it comes to any instant transactions.

You can instantly check network displays on our page for the total turnovers, transactions, and bonuses. Our site is encrypted for personal safety and we never distribute our client’s information to hackers.

Need a trustworthy altcoin provider with no middleman? Give us a chance in our staking without capital rates. Just have your balance have a deposit of at least 500 coins and watch your investments grow!

Seeking a cryptocurrency that is redesigned, reliable, and created just for you that us user friendly? Check out Zapphire Coin for our peer-to-peer system with our state of the art algorithm that allows instant transactions for the independent consumer.

Zapphire Coin is a match made in heaven for accessibility and use! Get started with state-of-the-art cryptocurrency system that breaks down a 2016 block in a 60 second blockline. Our x15 Algorithm produces 50 coins per block in our stock of 100 million coins.

We at Zapphire Coin want you to be in control! Take out the middleman and oversee instant transactions, bonuses, and turnover rates at the palm of your hand. Our exchange supports all altcoin exchanges.

Want a program that gives you a lasting impression? Check out Zapphire Coin! It is our new cryptocurrency startup that comes with a variety of advantages in terms of scripts, security, and business for your everyday needs.

We have a wide support of international exchangers and developer sites such as Github, Slack, Bitcointalk, Cointelegraph,, facebook, twitter, instagram, and cryptoforum.

Tired of cryptocurrency programs that rave consumer safety but turns out that they’re a fraud ruining your business and technology? Give us a try at Zapphire Coin! We use GA security and confirmation email for each transaction.

When browsing for the specific specs check out our system that specializes in Kimoto’s Gravity Well or dark gravity wave. Our network displays show the breaking down-or what we call staking-algorithms, transactions, and bonuses so you’re always in the know where your currency is coming from.

All our network backers and supporters are pro-cryptocurrency. They provide you with bounties and connections all over the globe. Check out our forums for our list of supportive donors and bountiful opportunities.

Make your coins and blocks count! Zapphire Coin is a community based peer-to-peer software that cuts the middleman in instant transactions. We provide network bonusing which allows consumers to glean on some bonuses and creates a blockchain to the website explorer or independent transact or.

Break the block! Our X15 Algorithm produces 60 million staking System automatically detects hardfork and splits up into sections up to Break the block to seven blocks at 0.46875 million.

We utilize peer-to -peer technologies that are manageable without the convoluted flu . At Zapphire Coin, our company comes with advantages in terms of networking, scripts, security, and business staking without a lock capital.

Reap the bonus benefits! As a customer, any coin that is deposited are accrued in your account you receive a healthy bonus. For instance, if you have a balance in account 10000 coin you receive a maximum bonus that can be taken at 750 coins per day with no APR or pesky financing schemes.

Want to discover bountiful opportunities to earn more cryptocurrency? Check our forums regularly or register for any of our campaigns and let the Altcoins roll!

Zapphire Coin was founded and developed on May 2017 by a community whose goals was to make a peer-to-peer system that is a cut above the rest. Our unique platform allows us to retarget blocks to allow an optimal opportunity to detect, hardfork, and split up blocks into sections to get the highest profit in coin without you having to bust your back in the process.