Flutter real-world apps — Part 0: Why Flutter?

Why to choose flutter as your development framework? and an introduction to the following series about developing real world applications with flutter.

Following flutter since beta release, I realised by then that flutter is a way different than the others have been worked with, or tried before.

I started developing in the mobile world using j2me on Nokia devices, then on blackberry, then included Android in my stack, then moved to Cordova/Phonegap using vanilla javascript or with frameworks like Ionic and Onsen UI, then played around with Nativescript, and now developing apps using React native too.

What I see different about flutter that the team did their best to combine all the best from other platform technologies, and bring them to the table of flutter.

Flutter is bringing back the old java vision of building a real cross-platform language that would work on anything. And we can see now flutter web, desktop, embedded, all with the same code base out of the box, without custom tweaks, or separate code, or special rendering engine you have to include with your app package and increases the app size, alongside that you are the master of every pixel on the screen, summing this with native performance, code obfuscation, open-source with a really wide community, and backed by Google all in one bundle!

And backed-by Google doesn’t mean just developed, but also having a robust website and documentations, shows and podcasts (which I strongly recommend to follow), great events like Flutter Europe and Flutter Interact.

I like this 2017 talk about how is flutter built, as it describes it all.

Eric Seibel (flutter co-founder) talking about why and how flutter is built

Even there is a work-in-progress to making the hybrid mobile development approach available too as an option using Add-to-app feature.

That’s what makes me excited about flutter, and believe I will be for a long time.

As I started learning flutter and using it, I was getting disappointed when sometimes I find a helpful tutorial but it would be just a code snippet or a gist, so as a beginner, I spend extra time scratching my head trying to figure out where to put this in my project!
As the community is growing (rapidly 🙂), this is changing and I would like to be part of giving back help of what I have learned and still learning.

What I will try to build in the next articles are real world, daily challenging topics I faced/facing while building production-ready apps with complete source code for the projects.

Stay tuned and see you in Part 1 😉…

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