5 Affordable Accessories To Give Your Royal Enfield A Cooler Look

Royal Enfield as a model was handpicked by the Indian government for its defence forces and was given to the men in arms for patrolling the country’s borders. Cut to the present day, the brand and the bike has become a household name for bikers and bike enthusiasts alike in this country. The motor bike brand has been able, to not only impress upon the biking community in India, but has also created a niche of its own in the global market at large. If you happen to be a proud owner of the Royal Enfield, here are 5 affordable and easily available accessories that will further enhance the stunning look of your ride. Get your hands on these and get them fixed onto your Royal Enfield at a trustworthy place.

1)Grill cover for your lights

These are one of the most basic accessories but they go a long way in giving your bike rugged look along with protecting your indicator, head and tail lights. These come in matte black and is one of the first things to get when accessorizing your ride.

2) USB cell phone charger

It is no secret that the smartphones we have nowadays eat up a lot of battery life. Gone are the days when phone batteries used to last two to three days with a single time charge. But it is also an undeniable fact that the applications like maps have literally been a huge help for bikers in finding the route to desired places both in cases of long distant trips and in city rides. With a USB charger, you no longer have to worry about your phone being dead at the most inconvenient places. Go for something that comes with waterproof casing and cover, for protection in rainy times.

3) Motorcycle covers of premium quality

This is bare necessity just like the clothing on your body. After all, you definitely do not want your beauty to stand unprotected in the heat, rain and dust that seasons and terrains have to offer. A good quality cover for your Royal Enfield will ensure a longer life span of its outer and inner health.

4) A good pillion backrest

Royal Enfield bikes are very comfortable when it comes to the rider driving it, but it is not known for the same level of comfort for the person sitting at the back. Especially, in long and more arduous trips, sitting on the bike’s backseat might give you quite a bit of a back pain problem. To solve this issue, get a good quality pillion backrest, that can help the people sitting behind to rest their backs comfortably.

5) A brush for cleaning the chain

Riding in tough terrains and even in crowded cities like Gurgaon can put the bike’s chain go through a lot of pressure and as a result of that it starts collecting a lot of grime and dust leading to a degraded performance. A chain cleaner brush is hence a good accessory for dealing with this problem.

These accessories are definitely few of the must haves for your Royal Enfield bike. But another thing that keeps your Enfield in good shape and gives it better longevity is, on time servicing and getting all the things related to the mechanical parts from a good and reputed authorized servicing center. It is really easy to find a reliable Royal Enfield Authorized Service Center In Gurgaon. All you need to do is search it out online and settle for the one with the best customer satisfaction reviews and according to your budget.