Dear People, What Do You Really Want? Part II

I don’t even really know where to start. Weeks ago, I thought I was dead set on what I wanted to talk about here. Then there was the good old procrastination, the dreaded American electoral college’s confirmation, our own suspense-filled elections, the New Year, NADAA’s inauguration and the plagiarism saga, good old procrastination…

Throughout all this though, one broad topic remains in mind.

Everybody wants something, and because there are billions of us in the world, and we are each so unique, sometimes, sometimes, life inevitably is a sort of zero-sum game.

Hold on — I do agree with the thinking that “there’s a lot of the pie to go around”, and “my success does not mean your downfall,” but sometimes, it really is not the case.

And with recent political events in my country and abroad, and from simply reading YouTube comments under a few political videos, that has been proving more and more real for me. Depressing.

But I think as you grow older, you have to realize how not universally valid these “you can do anything,” “there’s room for everybody to grow” maxims really are.

Take little timmy for instance:

Do you sincerely believe he’s going to get what he wants?
Feel the same about Madam Concerned Mums?

Some people want all the “identity politics” and LGBTQ XYZ talk to simmer down and let’s focus on the “main issues,” like how we’re going to put food on the table tomorrow.

Can anybody tell us how we can put good home-cooked meals on the tables of the disenfranchised, while supporting them to get good housing and transport, while the middle class progresses to higher echelons, while the wealthy 1% get more concessions to be able to build more and provide more jobs and invest in more technology that will replace manual labour, while everybody (because that’s the one thing virtually everybody wants) pays less taxes?

Really? And what exactly is this REVOLUTION?

This Perhaps? :

Ha! I’m going to save that talk for another post.
Because we have the freedom to say what’s on our minds anytime on the Internet —

a frightening phenomenon, if you ask me.
A phenomenon that has taught me that there may be as many people who despise Obama with as great a fervour as the millions or billions who love him. 
One that makes me realize that a staggering number of women here think contraceptives are “evil.”
A phenomenon that opens my eyes to how diverse and divided we are, as a species.

But also, a phenomenon that encourages me that there is a collective conscious at work more times than we may realize — like the one which to my pleasant surprise, brought to life the #ChangeIsComing wish of the Ghanaian majority and got us the president we wanted.

Still, I think we all should keep in mind that not everybody is like us, and sometimes, what we want could be in direct conflict with what others want, and as long as this happens, the world will never be a perfect place.

So… Be more understanding, have more empathy, realize that sometimes, you will definitely step on someone’s toes, other times, you will have to compromise… Have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change. The pie will not always be enough to go all the way around. 
Be aware.