Five Days with the Devil
Joe Edelman

Very thought-provoking. And quite entertaining. I could see vivid pictures in my mind. My favourite part of the thought experiment was Tuesday’s - it really got me thinking.

From Wednesday to Friday, I might have written it a little differently though. Where I thought you were going with each day’s trade-off was to present a loss/suffering which was a direct result of the devil’s offer. For instance, with the ultra productive Monday, the instant achievement clause inevitably resulted in losing the process. Hence, I imagine on Thursday, for example, gaining everyone’s immediate understanding and empathy would lead to losing your opportunity for release, for unloading your problems to a neutral or concerned ear. And Wednesday’s supernormal perception and recognition would mean being constantly aware of all the bad things around you.

But then maybe that direction might not have been as interesting… Whatever the case, lovely piece! It actually gives a good picture of one of the topics I kind of abstractly touched on in

I’m inspired to write again soon. Thanks.

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