GBV: A Global Challenge to National Development

Abuse of women affects us all

The concept of Gender Based Violence (GBV) entails Rape (Marital rape, gang rape, sexual exploitation and abuse), Sexual Assault (attempted rape), Physical Assault (Battering, kicking, slapping, chocking, burning etc.), Forced marriage/early marriage, Denial of Resources, opportunities and services(access to medical services, access to education, opportunity to study certain courses, denial of rightful earnings, freedom of movement etc.) and also Psychological and emotional Abuse (Forced Isolation, harassment, oppression, insults etc.).

Violence Against women is against Human Right

Looking at the Aforementioned issues, GBV outcomes are but not limited to STIs/STDs, physical and internal injuries, trauma, suicidal thoughts, death, fear, anxiety, drug abuse, transfer of aggression, insomnia, rejection, stigma, maternal mortality, mental disorder and suicide. Sometimes, this issues also leads to the manifestation of secondary survivors (immediate family of the survivor are also physically or psychologically affected).

Violence against Women and Girls are outcome of Gender Inequality and Abuse of Power (Physical power, Economic power, leadership power, information power and Educational power). It is a global issues but most prevalent in some locations. GBV issues are Human Right Issues which needs to be dealt with for National growth in all ramifications.

Women and Girls comprise of huge number of our National population. But yet, the roles of women and girls remain unsung as a result of culture, tradition and norms because the roles they are made belief are their roles are more of reproductive roles than productive roles.

What is the way forward? This huge number of people need to be empowered and educated. Women education does not only bring immediate benefit but rather the best investment to any country. When women and girls are educated, they develop confidence, essential life skills, and the ability to participate in their community activities and also reduces maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS.

Educate Girls
Support Girl child education for National development

As a nation, we need to stand up to fight issues of GBV which is affecting huge number of our National population, the government needs to domesticate laws that protect women and girls and prosecute perpetrators.

#NotAnotherNigerian should be a GBV survivor

#NotAnotherNigerian perpetrator should go unpunished

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