One of the Many Faces of Death

What really happens to us when we die?” That question is the driver behind so many different beliefs and behaviours around the world. So many of us fear death because of a deeper fear of the unknown.

If we could find a definitive answer would the truth change whether or not we are afraid or even how we live? What if the answer is far different than anything we’ve heard of before?

“Gateway to the Abyss “ by Zarael, the author. All rights reserved.

In spring of 2002, I myself had to face such questions after I had a Near Death Experience unlike anything I had heard of before. Not really accustomed to much alcohol I had too much to drink- so much I had forgotten about how much I already had to drink when I kept on drinking.

I was heartbroken, you see. So, I wasn’t really thinking straight. (It’s not something I recommend.) I went to bed and realized I felt very different. I knew I was dying, but I was in so much pain that I didn’t care.

One might assume a number of things depending upon beliefs. At the time I had been something of a “Light Worker” with a mixture of beliefs from Christianity, Wicca, New Age and Taoism as I had spent at least half of my life studying, and when possible, experiencing many different religions and philosophies on a level as deep as possible. My overall energy was pretty positive. I assumed that when I died I would go to a pleasant place.

One might assume that I didn’t die and that I was merely drunk and having a weird dream, but alcohol prevents R.E.M. sleep, the sleep cycle of dreaming. I drank two bottles of wine by myself.

So, what happened to me? What conclusions did I come to at the time and do I still feel the same way?

There was a long earthen corridor with a downward slope. The path was clear and there were torches on the walls to light the way as well as what looked like ancient writing and drawings on the earthen walls. Soon I found myself to be in a cavern with high walls. It was fairly dark but not pitch black. There were other people there . It wasn’t crowded but it wasn’t sparsely populated either.

Then, the calm and relative normalcy ended. People say after NDEs that Time is experienced differently. I concur. I also discovered that what we are accustomed to concerning the laws of Physics in general don’t apply. Repeatedly, at least three times that I can remember, I was popped back and forth between two places and two states of being.

During the first place and state of being I seemed to be floating over a small fire, much like a small campfire that moved with me, or I was actually partly made of fire. I didn’t feel angry. It was like I was anger itself. I could feel long sharp canine fangs in my mouth like those of a serpent. People were gathered around watching. It was very odd.

During the second place and state of being I was human and feeling quite neutral, like I would on a normal day. I was in a white and bright room with metal drawers in the walls. The place was quite pristine. There were people there as well but dressed in medical garb or something similar. I can only assume it was a morgue.

After having been back and forth between places and states of being several times, I suddenly found myself in a pitch black room. Male and female voices spoke together in unison,

“Why are you here?”

Candles lit around me in a circle, as if hanging in mid-air. I could see nothing else but the lights as they were neither lighting up anything nor anyone. Then, I could see one of my bookshelves where I kept science books. They were all that were seen – or at least all that I can remember, although I sense that the entities were in robes and that the walls were of black obsidian.

Also, I know there was a conversation and that I argued with the entities at the end of it that I didn’t want to come back here because of the heartache. I still can’t remember exactly what was said otherwise. I do remember trying to fight the process as I was zooming through TimeSpace and through the crown area of my head. Then I was here again.

After that experience I was quite angry and quite confused. Where did I go? What was I while I was there? Why did I go there? Why didn’t I go to a pleasant place and why did I have to come back here? Who were those people who sent me back here?

It’s been nearly two decades since I had that NDE. The conclusions I’ve arrived at may surprise you… but maybe not. We’re all so different. That is one of my conclusions. Not only are we all different, but there are more places in the universe that we can end up in than we can possibly imagine.

We’re not all completely human in soul and spirit either and we are all here for different reasons except for one commonality besides our humanity and that’s okay. The commonality is this: in the end it isn’t as important what we do on this plane as it is who we are as people deep inside. How is our character? No matter what our lifestyles or beliefs or the colour of our skin it turns out that what really matters is decency, honesty and integrity. People can do nice things for all the wrong reasons after all.

Life is an art form. Sometimes it takes unbelievable means to create beautiful and believable results.