This Is What Happened When People Wanted My Art
Jessica Peterson

Someone was interested in a hard copy collage years ago, but I couldn’t part with it. Someone else illegally printed one of my digital copies of another and put it on his wall- which was a back-handed compliment.

Many years later when I finally had my own website wherein I could showcase all of my art, someone claiming to be from Saudi Arabia emailed and said he wanted my art to show there and I had to explain I do not create hard copies of my digital pieces and had no way to send them anyway- no budget to make and ship prints and that I do not sell hard copy collages.

So, I decided to post on my site that it is a digital gallery only. Eventually most of my hard copies I trashed as a cleansing. Maybe someday I will make prints. Only time will tell.

Writing is a totally different thing for me than hard copy collage, ink, digital painting, photography or digitally manipulated versions of my photography. Just getting the writing done in such a way that I am satisfied enough with it is the first hurdle and I haven’t jumped that yet. I have been editing sporadically for two years. When I’m done editing, selling will be the hard work due to marketing- not due to the artistic input even though it is an art form.

Music, on the other hand, gets out there whether selling or giving it away (can’t make money with music these days anyway without selling out to record companies which I refuse to do). I’ve been more obviously successful with my music than the other forms due to underground or alternative charts (I’m “The Art of ZAR”). I have approximately 1,000 international fans but haven’t recorded since 2012. Only during the past couple of years have my old recordings taken off! That is very weird to me!

Most people don’t comment on my art although some on Deviant Art added me to groups for my photos. I don’t give them a platform. So, perhaps I should put a comment section on my digital gallery after recreating my site.

For me, how attached I am remains the same no matter what art form, but how I deal with each varies.

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