Travel Apps That’ll Come To Your Rescue

There are some great apps which are a boon to all those backpackers out on the road. When it comes to travelling, these apps are made to aid you — and to be true, I couldn’t have done without them! Here are the ones which I would recommend…

  1. Google Translate:

Stuck on interpreting another language? Need a paragraph translation? Want to converse with some one in their native language? This app instantly translates words, phrases and paragraphs. This app also has some real cool features. You can record someone speaking and it will talk back to you in a translated language of your choice. You can also hover your phone camera over some text and the app will translate it for you!

2. Hopper:

Hopper tracks, analyses and predicts flight data so that you can score the best prices and times to buy your plane tickets!

3. Uber:

We all love Uber, s do we really need to explain it? Need a cheap ride? An Uber driver is always within reach. Just insert your5 destination in the App, and the nearest driver will be located. Uber also has the facility to take money straight from your account which reduces the hassle of cash.

4. Sky Scanner:

Finding cheap flights has never been easier. Now you can do it on the go, from your phone through this App. Search and compare cheap flights, hotels and hire car all in one place. Plus point, there are no hidden charges!

5. Google Maps:

We all have been using this even when we are not travelling. To find the easiest route to where you need to be, whether it is by foot, train or car, this App will give you live, accurate directions to follow until you arrive at your destination. It uses your location to find out where you are and it will also tell you if you take the wrong turn. Isn’t it a total life saver!

6. Pack Point:

If you are anything like, then you definitely need this App. It is a true blessing for an unorganized packer like me (often forgetting important things while travelling). This App provides a complete packing list for your holiday, a great App to keep you organized. It also takes the length of your travel, the weather conditions and activities planned during the trip into consideration.

7. Happy Cow:

An App for Vegans — and they swear by it. Finding vegan food in a new city isn’t always easy but Happy Cow will pull up the closest Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants to where ever you are.

8. Trip Advisor:

My first recommendation in a new city. For best reviews on where to go, where to eat, where to sleep and where to drink. This is a great App for trustworthy reviews and it is so much easier than on a normal website.

9. Skype:

Skype allows you to make calls and video calls back home for free (as long as the person you are calling has Skype account too). Who wouldn’t want this amazing App!

10. Live Trekker:

If you are going on a long trekking trip across the country, this App allows you to track your journey in real time so you can look back and re-trace every step n an interactive map. It also lets you share photos and memories every step of the journey so you can look back and reminisce on all the good times you had at each place.

11. Shazam:

Picture being at an awesome bar in Barcelona and a banging latino tune comes on. You’re dying to know what it is so you can listen to it again when you get back home. With Shazam just record a couple seconds of the song and it will instantly tell you what it’s called and who’s it by. Magic!!

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