4 Signs Your Business Needs Enterprise Management Solution

This is the mobile-first, cloud-first world in which we are living in, where the technology has forced many changes — the way business work, different persona of the customers and their expectations and the fast-changing landscape.

Companies are going through a business digital transformation where to empower the employees and lead the organization through its digital transformation business need to focus on the following areas-

· Collaboration- To enable seamless and efficient collaboration within the organization.
· Mobility- To enable a productive workforce anywhere, anytime and on any device.
· Intelligence- To provide employees greater business and personal data-driven insights.
· Trust- To protect company information without productivity disruption

So, to stay competitive and operate efficiently, business need to transform its way of operating while managing host of challenges — changing workforce expectations, evolving cyber security threats, managing business on the go etc.

Moreover, the move to cloud services and an always increasing need for mobility are driving organizations to look for solutions that protect data while enhancing user productivity and device flexibility.

For this, organizations are moving towards enterprise management solutions that along with improving their business workflows, also manage customer service processes and simplify complex operations.

No matter these technologies have brought-in new ways of increasing productivity and connectivity, but at the same time, when your business data and applications are accessible via multiple devices, they are under the risk of unauthorized access.

So, this expanding role of mobility in the workplaces, necessitates a centrally managed and identity-driven access enabling device management solution — Enterprise Mobility Solution or Enterprise mobility + security by Microsoft that enables a business to control and protect the identity, devices and information across multiple cloud-based applications and on-premises devices.

Your decision to go for an enterprise mobility solution should be solely based on the demand for security that your business is looking for its devices and employees.

So, employ enterprise management service if your business demands-

1. Protection of data and apps- Data is life blood for any business and to secure it, the foremost thing for any business is that only right people should have access to it.

Azure Active Directory Identity protection will help you do it, you can choose who can access the enterprise data as well as also define what data needs conditional access.

To secure data, organizations have to manage different users and passwords for all different applications, supported by the organization. But with single sign on users will be able to access all the applications and other defined resources by signing in only once using a single user account and with multi-factor authentication, you can keep track on log in process.

2. Advanced detection system- Threats are growing day by day and a strong business will always prepare for the coming threats in advance. It is important for business to gain deeper visibility into operations and governance to identify malicious attacks and security vulnerabilities prior to any damage, they intend to cause.

With Microsoft Cloud App Security, business can monitor and control their data inside the cloud based applications identify threats and protect all enterprise apps with innovative behavioral analytics and anomaly detection technologies and secure data loss on mobile devices through Microsoft Intune MAM (Mobile App Management).

3. Managed mobile productivity and secure collaboration- As per Global Mobile Workforce Forecast, 2015–2020 “The global mobile workforce is set to increase from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 1.75 billion in 2020, accounting for 42.0% of the global workforce”.

So, as the mobile professionals of corporations proliferate, business need to give them a system or a platform which gives them anywhere and anytime access to their work on different devices.

With EMS, business can ensure their productivity, without comprising on the security of the company data on multiple devices they’ll be using to connect. Also, help employees to share files securely as the files remain encrypted wherever they go.

Business can also gain productivity, professionalism and teamwork at their best with the Office 365 Enterprise plans.

4. Integration capabilities- Scalability, regular updates and maintenance are the prerequisites of any business that it expects out of any solution. Microsoft EMS gets easily integrated with company’s on premise infrastructure and with the Office 365 apps too. This in turn, help employees can to work more efficiently with the familiar apps.

Why Enterprise Management Solutions with MDSC1?

MDSC1 offers wide spectrum of enterprise management service in UAE to help business create new and secure efficiencies with mobile driven business processes.

Below screengrab gives you an overview of our services and plans- priced to perfection.

Along with EMS solution by Microsoft, we deliver -
Microsoft System Center: Manage your entire cloud environment through a single-pane and manage your IT infrastructure on cloud.
Savision: Manage your system center and transform the complex IT systems into simplified dashboards and save your organization from unexpected down-times and issue-resolution times.
SolarWinds: Modernize your IT with this IT management software and come out from the traditional IT clutches.
Nexthink: Get in-depth analytics of all network connections, users and other enterprise end-points.

So, focus on your business growth and success and leave management and security of your IT infrastructure with us.