How do I identify a research gap in a research paper?

  • As a PhD Student, you would be undergoing a different journey. You would be coming across various terms and sometimes get confused. A research gap is one such term. Identifying a research gap is an essential thing of several research projects. It is so important that finding a gap and taking steps to address it makes your research worthy. Also known as the knowledge gap, the research gap lets you to give a profound contribution to the existing bank of knowledge.
  • Before you attempt to identify research gaps, you should make out your domain of interest. Later you can concentrate on the same. The key lies in narrowing down the research field. The advantage of narrowing down is that you will not end up in a queue of research questions.
  • A research question and research gap are interrelated with one another. As your experience grows and you become specialized, identifying a good research question becomes quite simple. But when you are a novice, you will find it difficult to identify a research gap.
  • It is understandable that identification of a research gap is somewhat confusing. However, you can consider it as a motivation to perform your thesis. Wondering how? You can go a step forward by enhancing the existing literature and improving it. You can even give a completely new propelling to the questions.
  • Don’t just ignore identifying the research gap. Searching for it in an extensive manner will result in having a great impact on your learning. You will also come up with excellent research skills by identifying the research gap.
  • Identifying a research gap is a pivotal part of your research. Spend adequate time for it. The initial steps that you take viz., the research gap, should be performed in a sound manner.

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