Knowing SynAssets

SynAssets which is to be launched on polygon is a concensus aggregation network having sufficient liquidity and a no-liquidation risk. By enabling the creation of synthetic assets SynAssets provides investors with easy trading on the blockchain.

SynAssets to our greater benefit brings the fair issuance mechanism of Olympus, protocol owned liquidity and a 3,3 consensus into the world of synthetic assets. And not only that, it introduces five major innovations which are; SynAssets Assets (sAssets), IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering), deflation mechanism, 5,5 consensus and consensus aggregation network.

Following the initial launching of SynAssets, synthetic assets such as sMatic, sBTC, sETH, traditional financial assets e.g Apple and Tesla stocks will also be launched. This is to bring about the new type of consensus mechanism beneficial for all into the traditional financial community.

For more info on the project, you can join the communities;

Website |Discord |Twitter|





content creator || crypto enthusiast || Biochemist

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Ann Nwachukwu

Ann Nwachukwu

content creator || crypto enthusiast || Biochemist

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