In this blog post, looking at the implications of living in a digital world, I will be investigating the times’ things don’t go as planned and who is to blame. This is an idea our class were introduced to during ‘Topic E: The Individual’.

Due to my background studying Computer Science, my opinion, prior to group discussions, was strongly in favour of software developers and owners of the digital element being the ones to blame if anything should go awry. …

With almost 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views, Casey Neistat is one of the most watched and influential YouTubers of our time. From high school drop-out and teen dad, how has Casey become one of the world’s biggest media stars?

Casey was one of the first ‘YouTubers’ to produce daily videos at a professional standard. Neistat created a mini-series with his brother and following the success of the series being bought by HBO in 2008, Neistat took to filmmaking for the commercial world where his movie producing skills were honed and his iconic style was born.

Whilst working…

Zara Raindrop

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