My Holiday Promise

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It’s this time of the year again when we all start thinking of our lives or at least about the last 365 days. Did I accomplish everything I promised to myself last Ney Year’s Eve? Did I change for good? Did I find my purpose? Questions like these are something very usual around Christmas and New Year. Personally, I think people should ask themselves these questions on a regular basis. Actually, I do it every day. Every morning I begin by asking myself what I want to do this day, what do I want to accomplish, how to make it better than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, of course my day includes the regular things like working, cooking, cleaning, etc. but during the other part of the day I make constant efforts to become better and to grow.

Even though I try to implement some good practices in my everyday life, I know I still have a long way to go in order to become the person I am destined to be. That is why I made a holiday promise…to me. It actually consists of three simple things that combined all together will allow me to become the better version of myself I know I am capable of being.

1. Be Patient

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Although I am trying to be calm in every situation, this is often not possible for me. I also tend to be anxious and in a hurry all of the time. That is why the first part of my promise is related to patience. Waiting for things to happen in the moment they are supposed to happen and not pushing them is the ideal approach to life as a whole. After all, whatever should happen will happen in the right moment. So why rush things?

Being patient gives you strength and can help you when it comes even to the smaller things in your day like waiting for the bus that is half an hour late because of the traffic jam. In this situation: first, it for sure happened for a reason and second, the facts are these: the bus is late, you are late and this won’t change - just accept it.

2. Accept Things (And People) As They Are

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After trying and succeeding in being more patient, I want to work on my ability to accept things and people as they are. I should try to understand that I don’t have control over some things. The late bus was a perfect example. But when it comes to people things are more complicated. I will put a lot of efforts in accepting one particular person as she is - my mother. Our relationship was not so good for years due to the fact that we were both trying to change the other person. We were unable to accept our differences and we fought on a regular basis. Now things have changed, we have a wonderful relationship but we still have a long way to go until we both stop criticise the other person. Here I would like to implement one very effective strategy I learnt from one book. In it it was said that we should treat people as they are who they should be in order to allow them to become who they could be.

3. Give Myself The Time I Need

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The first two steps of my promise will not be possible to take if I don’t give myself the time I need. They may seem like a small steps but the reality is that they require a long way to be walked from beginning till end. I will put a lot of efforts in order to accomplish my goal - be the best possible version of myself and this is exactly why I will need time. Time to work on reaching my goal, time to think about the direction I am going in, time to see and analyse the results of everything I have done.

My holiday promise is to simply do everything possible to be a better and stronger person. Making a plan of how I will accomplish this goal will definitely help. I advise you to think about what you want and how to do it. But don’t do it just around Christmas, do it every day. Because, after all, living your life is a constant process - do it to its fullest every single minute. Happy holidays!

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