Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes…they are never easy. Saying “Goodbye” is not a pleasant experience or is it? This is the price you have to pay in order to walk along the way you were destined to walk on and learn the lessons that were meant for you. I just wanted to share my experience with you and to remind you that “Goodbye” does not equal “End”. Let’s say it’s time for you to say “Goodbye” to your high-school friends. Just look at the situation from a different perspective - this “Goodbye” is actually a “Hello” to the people you will meet at university or in your work place.

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Recently, I had to say a very sad “Goodbye” to a group of people who really managed to make a room for themselves in my life and in my heart though I am a little bit of an introvert. Several days before I did it I was thinking more and more often how much I am going to miss them. This was the moment I realised that going away didn’t mean that they won’t be a part of my life anymore. What is more - we will now be able to rediscover ourselves, to see each other in a different light and to learn how to communicate on a different level.

If I had the opportunity to tell something to these people all at once, it would definitely be this: Thank you for the moments we shared, for the things I learnt from you and for the things you helped me discover about myself. This “Goodbye” made me feel sad but also thankful for having the opportunity to meet all of you. I am certain that our paths will cross again and who knows, it may be sooner than we know. Thank you!