Why Learn How To Play A Violin?

Long ago, Confucius — a Chinese philosopher said “music produces a kind of pleasure which human brain cannot do without”.. Trust me — he was right with his theory. Some researchers suggest that regularly playing musical instruments like violins may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills as it increases the power of the brain. Apart from joy and pride, there are much more benefits that playing a violin can give you…

• Researchers suggest that both listening and playing a violin can improve your memory capacity. A study was conducted where a group of 3 to 4 years children were given different music lessons, ranging from singing to playing instruments like keyboards and violins. And another “control group” of 15 kids received no music lessons at all. After a month, both the groups were made to participate in same preschool activities. And the result showed that the preschoolers who were given music lessons had improved spatial — temporal skills by 34 percent more than another group.

• Learning to play a student violin refines your organizational skills and teaches you time management. In order to make good use of practice time, a musician organizes available resources and plans different challenges to work on.

• Being a team player is the very important aspect of being successful in life, and playing a violin boosts your team skills. In order to create melody, you need to synchronize your music with others. And for that, you must learn how to cooperate and listen to people around you, and play music together.

• Playing an instrument like student violin or cello needs lot of eye-hand coordination, because you have to play an instrument and read notes at the same times. It’s the kind of multitasking that will help improve your coordination subconsciously.

• It teaches you patience and perseverance because learning to play a violin for sale takes time and effort. It takes time to play every piece of music perfectly. It takes time to create a symphony; in fact, many musicians have to work continuously for longer sessions to perfectly create synchronization in an orchestra.

• Violin, cello or anything, when you own an instrument — you can play anything over it. Musicians are artists, and their instrument is the brush. Just like an artist paints his emotions on the canvas, a musician plays his emotions too. So, moral of the story is — music is a great stress reliever.

• People gain lifelong friends by involving in activities like this. Playing a student violin can be a great way to enhance your social skills.

• Playing music perfectly can be very challenging. One of the qualities it teaches a musician is discipline. Because one need to work hard and practice regularly, and this needs discipline. You’ll find the best musicians to be masters of discipline.

• Playing beautiful music which pleases your audience gives you a pride, and every compliment becomes a reward for you. It gives you a sense of achievement.

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