“Ugh!” Anna groaned, storming through the door of her bedroom. What a perfectly fucking frustrating afternoon. She and her boyfriend Eric had gone off campus for lunch — a special privilege for seniors who had turned 18 and had good grades — and not returned. Eric’s parents were at work and they’d taken advantage of the empty house to fool around. Eric was a rare guy; he had never pressured Anna to do anything sexually that she didn’t want to. In fact, the pressure usually went the other way. His family was devoutly Catholic and he was committed to the idea of waiting to have sex until marriage. Anna was fine with that, she didn’t feel ready for sex either, but damn, there were some things she wanted to try.The two of them had been making out on Eric’s bed. Eric was fondling Anna’s breasts over her tee shirt. “Do you want me to take my bra off?” she asked, trying to sound more hesitant than she felt. She was dying to feel his hands on her. Before he could answer, she reached behind her back and unhooked the clasp. She leaned in to kiss him again, “It’s okay,” she whispered in his ear, “I want you to touch me.” She took his hand gently and slid it under her shirt. Eric groaned and cupped his hand around her breast, massaging it gently. “Mmm,” she moaned, “I like that, baby.” Eric started kissing her again with a new intensity. Anna could feel his hard cock through his jeans as he started to grind his body roughly against her hip. Anna tried to manuver her body under his, wanting to feel some of that friction between her legs.”Oh, fuck! Anna!” Eric’s body tensed as he came in his pants. “Shit, Anna,” he groaned, “Why did you do that to me?””Do what?” Anna asked “Let you touch my tits? Make you cum? Most guys would be grateful.” Was he seriously upset with her? Here she was, sitting high and…well, not exactly dry, but definitely not satisfied, and he had the nerve to be pissed that he’d cum. “You know I’m not most guys Anna. I’m waiting for marriage.” “It’s not like we had sex!” Anna sputtered, “And I certainly didn’t get anything out of it, so it was basically masturbation! And don’t act like you’re too holy for that, I know you jack off.””Why are you acting like such a slut?” he yelled.”A slut, Eric, really?!” she screamed, “Because I want my boyfriend to touch me? You’re an asshole.””I think you should go,” Eric said flatly.”Fine,” Anna replied, “Wouldn’t want to tempt you into having any more fun.”So, here she was, home alone and horny as fuck. She tossed her backpack aside and plopped down on the bed crosswise, letting her long dark hair hang over one side and her toned, creamy, legs dangle off the other. She was pissed. I didn’t do anything wrong, she thought. I just wanted to give him a little pleasure…and maybe get some for myself too. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift to what might have happened if Eric wasn’t such a goody two-shoes. She slid her hand up under her shirt and cupped her bare breast, massaging it like Eric had. She brushed her thumb across her nipple, feeling a delicious tingle as it stiffened. Pushing her shirt up, Anna brought her other hand up to her breasts. She gave her nipples a pinch and rolled them between her fingers. She could feel her pussy starting to throb, begging for a little attention. She stood up quickly and stripped off her clothes. She double checked that her door was closed before reaching under her bed and taking out a pink satin pouch. Undoing the drawstring, she removed her toys, a vibrating egg and a slim glass dildo. She put the dildo in her mouth, sucking the length and wondering what it would be like to do this to a real, live cock. Meanwhile, she switched on the egg and settled it between her pussy lips, laying on her stomach to press it firmly against her.”Mmm….” she moaned, not bothering to be quiet. She had the house to herself, after all. She ground her hips against the bed, letting the egg work its magic, the vibrations pulsing against the length of her slit. “Oohhh, fuck,” she groaned, taking the dildo out of her mouth and reaching back to slide it into her pussy from behind. She arched her back, pressing the tip against her opening and circled it around, teasing herself. If Eric could see her now, she thought. At least then he’d have an actual reason to call her a slut. She closed her eyes again and imagined the look on his face.She pushed the dildo in slowly, savoring the feel of the ridges etched into the surface. She slid it in and out a few times, twisting it as she went. She angled it slightly, letting the tip rub against the front wall of her pussy. “Oh, yes,” she moaned as she found the right rhythm. She sped up a bit, fucking herself hard and deep, the egg still buzzing away against her clit.She felt the tension building in her body, pushing her toward her orgasm. “Oh, fuck…please, please,” she gasped, urging herself on. She loved to talk to herself the way she imagined she’d talk to a lover. “Ooohh yes, baby…right there!” She pressed the dildo against a particularly sensitive spot and massaged it. “Agghhhh!” She let out a scream as her pussy clamped down on the dildo and she came hard. Panting she opened her eyes and switched off the vibrator. She let her pussy pulse on the dildo a little longer, enjoying the aftershocks, as she lay limply on the bed. After a minute or two, she got up, threw on her robe and gathered her toys to wash off in the bathroom. As she turned to the door, she noticed it was ajar. Huh, she thought. I could have sworn I closed that.To be continued