Why everybody should learn how to drive on the track and offroad

Can’t do Rally on dirt, tarmac mixed with dirt or ice? No problem, just do track for now but if where you usually drive dirt or ice is frequently present you should do some rallying too.

The track

Everybody knows how to drive on the road. Most just got through their license with the bare essentials required. Again, this is fine for most cases, but as soon as high speeds (60-70mph/120-130kph), extra knowledge comes in handy and makes the road safer for everyone.

It's mostly getting to know how your vehicle can move, how fast it can break, how steep it can turn, how to downshift properly, avoiding tunnel vision.

All these combined result into much fewer accidents, more efficient transportation.
Racecraft aside, 

Here, having cars which are sideways and drift on every turn in order to be safer and faster, without rear wheel drive being a requirement.

Pivoting in above average speeds on dirt & ice, learning handy handbrake tricks and understanding how absent grip feels like - in contrary to track driving - is an eye opener.

All the above apply to motorcycles as well. Grab your friend's cross bike and jump in the mud.

It’s all a matter to sense of social responsibility after all.