Jesus fucking christ.
Sam Cel Roman

Sorry to put you in that position of defending Hafez al-Assad.

  1. genocidal fits as a descriptor, in this case

genocide: “relating to or involving the deliberate killing of a large group of people of a particular nation or ethnic group.”

2. I didn’t mention Lebanon Civil War and Syrian occupation, nor did I mention the Kurds, both were sections I originally included, but could not do them justice in brief, since to explain either requires a lot of nuance. So for the sake of length (and we both know this was long) I had to streamline some of the narrative. I mean, this subject requires book-length to fully cover all of the various entanglements, rivalries, and tensions.

3. And as far as (foreign) bad guys, I think I made it clear that the European powers, Ottoman Empire, US, KSA, and Russia/Soviet Union were all antithetical opponents to Syria’s development as a stable and independent nation. ISIS is super recent in the timeline of these events. And Iran has been their ally (as in the Iran-Iraq War, and as well, recently) but it is an uneasy/strategic alliance.

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