How to Talk To Your Kids About Trump
Dave Pell

Wish I’d seen this before last night when my almost-nine year old heard me talking to a friend, with mentions of Hitler, etc. She asked some of the same questions your children ask. But, having not read this first, I made the mistake of saying quietly but directly to her: “We could have another holocaust, honey. And this time it wouldn’t be mostly the Jews, it’d be you and me. He doesn’t like brown people and he feeds the hatred of other people who don’t like brown people like you and me.” Yes, I’m an idiot. Yep, another idiot parenting move, because, surprise, surprise, this morning as a procrastination method to getting dressed for school, she wants to talk: “Is there really going to be another Holocaust? I’m scared. Is that really going to happen?” I appeased her with “We will never let anything like that happen to you….you’re safe.” I’m an idiot.

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