Olympics gives the big platform every 4 years, Life give you big platform everyday

Yesterday night while watching the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016 I realized how much those athletes must be waiting every single day to be on that platform which comes every four years. They perform in all the other events throughout the year as they are practicing for the big event of their life i.e. Olympics.
But if we compare our lives to those athletes; What is our Olympics and when it comes? Does it happens after every 4 years? What is the prize and the pride for which we are competing?

Being into the field of IT, I found that LIFE itself is the big platform which is given to us every single day. No matter how old we are, which gender we belong to, what our caste is, what our nationality or religion is, it gives us a fair chance everyday. But as the athlete practice to be on the winning podium, we have to practice a lot for our win as well. Difference in the Olympic winning podium and real life podium is that , the real life podium can accommodate any number unlike the Olympic podium which can hold only 3 winners.
IT professionals are no less than Olympic athlete which have to be really smart and fast to get the maximum output from their professions. When we develop an application which is being used by many and helping them ease at-least a part of their life and that is none less than a Gold Medal for us.

Our running tracks are the Integrated Development Environment and we make sure to hit it every day of our life’s. We give our best on our running track and it collectively help us to have a very great life.

People get amazed when the winners are consolidated at the podium, but if you see their rewards you also need to understand the efforts they put to learn and later master the game. At Asterix Solution we help you learn and master the programming language which will help you win Gold.

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