Amal Problem Solving Challenge

‘ Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.’

This is what I have been struggling with the issue of problem solving. I always try to be in comfort zone and make little stride to solve a problem. Rather I try to look for an alternative or compromise on that problem. Recently, we (Our Circle of 6 members) got a project from Amal Academy to raise funds for Edhi Foundation. After the sad demise of Edhi Sb, the foundation is running out of funds. So, this challenge was assigned to us. It was really an amazing activity that forced me to come out of my comfort zone and accept the challenges in life and perform at my best.

So, it was very challenging activity. We decided to do our best and raise as much funds as we could. We had already learned about the Amal principles of problem solving that are:

  1. Own the problem
  2. Use creative approach to solve the issue
  3. Come up with as many solutions as possible
  4. Remain objective
  5. Start working on that problem
  6. Take feedback and repeat the step 5.

So, we kept those principles in our view and started planning about the work. We decided a venue ‘Fortress Stadium’ for fund raising. This place is always crowded with people and we anticipated a handsome amount of funds. So, we all the group members went to that place. We had anticipated of some hurdles for fund raising. We made a donation box and adopted the same method as Edhi Sb used to do. Some people objected for our fund raising as they considered it a scam. But we didn’t mind their objections rather we followed the principle of creative approach to convince them for this good cause. We had to go extra miles when we started going from shop to shop rather than being stagnant on one place. This extra mile step was good in collecting extra funds.

The most important driving factor for us to accept this challenge was the social cause of Abdul Sattar Edhi, whose work was internationally recognized and applauded. So, we collected more than 10,000 rupees from this fund raiser. This was big achievement for our group as a whole. There were plenty of positive things we learned from this big challenge.

  • We practically demonstrated the the team work spirit and what we learned about team work in Amal, performed it practically.
  • We learned about how to come out of our comfort zone and accept the challenges in life. Sometimes, they seem hard but over the time when we embrace those challenges we always learn and discover good things.
  • We learned about the importance of social cause that it takes a lot of courage to do something for social cause and for humanity. It requires patience and taking the initiative with optimism.
  • Although the only purpose for this activity was not to collect funds but to aware the people about the importance of serving the humanity. This is the ultimate goal of everyone’s life.

In the end, I would like to thank other group members who were equally good at communication and funds collection. This experience has helped me a lot in future problem solving issue.