Practicing Happiness to boost your success

There is no one in this world, who never wants to be happy. Every person wants to be happy and also wants to be successful in his/her life but most of the people confuse happiness with so many other things, such as the success. You can’t be happy with a negative mind. To bring happiness in your life you have to create a positive environment in your surroundings as well you have to create positivity in your mind.

Mostly people think happiness is all about success. Their mindset is that if they will work hard they will get success then they will become happy otherwise they’ll not. They think just attainment of wealth, position, and honor is success and those people who have these things are happier in their lives. People basically compare their happiness with external factors. This need to be change!

Money can’t buy happiness! It can’t be brought by any external factors. By listening Shawn anchor’s Ted Talk, he talked about 5 steps of happiness which we can use to maximize positive energy and build an internal peace. By building positive thinking we can do more focused on our goals and engaged with it and automatically you will become successful.

We can learn patience, forgiveness, kindness, and build an internal peace, if we ignore little mistakes of others. Through this we will be happier and proactive in our daily tasks to achieve our goals. It is a saying that:

“ 90% of happiness is predicted not by the external world, but the way your brain process the world ”

I want to share a story of one of my friend. She was and still facing but little as compare to before, a problem which make her too much negative that she even think most of the time to do a suicide. It can be said that it was a kind of disease that she was facing. She share with me that there are some kind of negative voices she is hearing, which make her degrade and disappointed, that whatever she will do, she can’t achieve it or she’ll be fail. She thinks of herself not so much good, pretty, lucky and intelligent as compared to others. Which in fact, I believe she’s brilliant! I gave her advice that it is all because of your negative thinking. You are the one who is degrading and disappointing yourself. You are not trusting yourself and comparing yourself with wrong people. Make an observer; compare yourself with those who are below to you. They are many peoples who have nothing which you have. Right now she is having appointments with psychiatric, working hard, believing in herself and have change a lot by continuously building positive mindset that she is brilliant and can do and achieve anything what others can.

At the end I can only say Happiness is a choice. It’s depending on you, how you can be happy. Make your mind positive. No matter what in which situation you are, face it and believe in yourself, you’ll find the solution. Help others, show kindness, forgive others, you can find many ways to be happy and positive. It will definitely give you internal peace.

Best of Luck! :)

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