Confidence Building

When I was in 2nd year of my university I thought that at that time I should be able to bear my own expenses therefore I started to find out for tutor or teaching jobs. I m very talented and have technical skills required for that job but the problem was I never teach before and to start teaching just like that is very difficult for me.

Beside that I know this opportunity will provide me with confidence and other skills which are needed in future. So I discuss with my elder brother and a friend which have teaching experience at academies. He said me just start it and you will find out what your caliber after that.

After that there is a vacancy in the academy(in which i have studied) for physics teacher. I m a bit feared because the principle and other teacher know about me and I was worried about failure. My elder brother and sister force me to apply so i did it and the next day I m standing in the 9th class full of girls in front of me, my leg were shaking and my throat was dried up. For 1 or 2 minutes i don’t know what happened after that i just start teaching and i succeeded.

It was not as easy as I write it but the first the first step was really important and that story of my life give me confidence every time when i m starting a thing in my life. It was really a great experience of my life.

And in future I want to experience those things which i have not done because it give me exposure and confidence.

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