The Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates.

The best piece of advice what I found so relevant to myself is “fulfill needs. Solve problems and you change the world”. In my opinion I will be empathetic to others by asking them for my help, knowing their need and problems and giving them the appropriate solution to them. By these simple things I may change their life which leads to change their whole world. Our little help have the power to change some one’s world positively, so we have to try to help as much as we can. Next thing which I learnt from it is “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be”. So I apply this advice in my life by networking with the people who belong to my dream job, try to communicate with them as much as I can and learn the best knowledge what I can get from these people. In order to be successful in professional life we have to develop our competitive edge, build as much network as we make (mainly from your existing networks’ network) and by taking more and more risks. Because if we don’t take risk we will not learn new things and we majorly learn from our mistakes and asking more and more questions. These are the things which I learnt from these slides and these are really helpful in determining the way towards my actual profession. This is quite helpful to learn from others experience as this is the ripe time for us to choose the right way of our right profession.

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