Maybe it’s just me but aren’t we conditioned for Fast. Instant. Now.

Microwave generations where waiting isn’t an option. Slow isn’t in our vocabularies.

From friends to careers. Church place to the school house. Organizations and people are all susceptible to this way of living — of thinking.

A mentality of sacrificing it all on the altar of excellence/drive/hustle/dream (insert any buzz word for productivity or grind here — they’ll all work).

It’s a human condition that if not kept in check, evaluated and offered up for critique (from people other than yourself) can literally overtake us. …

A look into what we used to be. Who we desire to be and the reality of what we are today.

Pictured here is a young Zeph. Peering into that distance, into the sunset. Young and free. No “life” to be concerned with. No to do lists or tasks or stress.

What is he seeing. What is he thinking? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe just taking in the beauty of that moment. Not distracted or preoccupied.

Just living in that ten minutes left of the day. Or maybe it was a life changing moment. One he will remember for years to come. Maybe right then and there he was formulating who he wanted to be. Who he wants to become. The…

Korey Moore 2019

This Latin phrase literally translates as “To the unhappy it is a comfort to have had company in misery.”

If you have been on this earth for even a short amount of time I am sure you have heard, said or been told this phrase.

Off the cuff in passing or reference to a common circumstance. Maybe even in an accepting or dismissive way.

I have said it. I have heard it. I have felt it. And honestly it wasn’t until recently that it had not only hit home for me but also really angered me. Angered in a righteous way. Like one who believes that this “proverb” shouldn’t be one we so easily accept or dismiss.

It not…

The mirror can be a scary place sometimes can’t it?

Ever messed up. Ever taken advantage of someone for personal gain?

Have you wronged someone you love? Said something that you know is offensive and hurtful.

Each day is new. Fresh. A beginning.

And each new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

Profound I know…

Here’s the thing about life, baggage, mistakes and how we respond to it:

You have a couple choices.

1. Fret over it. Beat yourself up. Let guilt overcome you. Or shame. Wow how shame will infect us. Every nook and crevasse of our lives. Overwhelming us into a frozen state.

2. Accept it. Seek…

With its ups and downs. Fun + labour. Love mixed with pain.

The trick to thriving in life is work. Not the kind that pays the bills but the kind that rewards the heart.

That means you have to constantly be willing and at the same time implementing the ability to change. Transform. Grow into the someone that you have never been before. Better than you have ever been before.

You have work hard on keeping love in your heart so it will trickle into the lives of your loved ones, friends & even co-workers or strangers you encounter.


3 years old going on 15.

Do you remember those days? Young and full of curiosity and innocence. You might notice a tear in her eye. It’s because seconds before I was able to get her laughing and smiling she was crying. “Wanting to go ride horses with sissy” was the reason. A funny dance and some crazy dad antics later and she’s happy and ready for a picture.

Isn’t it flipped for us “adults” now?

All smiles and happy veiled in struggle and pain.

The beauty of children is they wear it all out there, almost begging for someone…


“Vision offers a unique destination, and conflict is fuel for the journey” Belsky

Often times in our life we run up against conflicts, circumstances, people or even ourselves as road blocks to growth or progression.

We can perceive these encounters as unnecessary and frustrating. “If that problem would just get solved or that person get out of my way, then I would grow so much faster than I am. Oh the difference I could be making!”

You see, the very conflict you are managing or not managing right now could be something very beautiful if you could just change the…

Things in our lives impact us, change us or at certain times just slow us down.

Don’t labor on what happened or why. Focus on how you will capitalize on the circumstance and benefit from the unknown.

The idea is to be strategic and intentional in our approach to this thing called life.

Zane Taylor Anderson

Think. Invent. Take Risks. Make mistakes. Grow. Create.

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