Decentralized Cloud Societies

Tweets on Tweets on Ledgers

Zavain Dar
Apr 5, 2014 · 1 min read

I brain dumped on twitter a few nights ago on my view of a developing abstraction for decentralized ledgers.

I’ve since had some interesting conversations diving into another part of the ‘stack’ here, that I didn’t properly reference above. That is dynamic rules at the node communication layer. As my friend Clayton put it:

been thinking about crypto currencies with economic policy built in. bitcoin has anti-inflation built in. what other economic policies could you build in? what if you start putting lots of intelligence at the nodes and when transactions are verified the nodes intelligently manipulate the transactions by small amounts in a pro-social way? can we implement dynamic taxes and subsidies?

Worth rereading Balaji’s wired article on organizing communities/nations on the cloud, keeping in mind Clayton’s above lens on decentralized datasets and network protocols automating and mechanizing social/politcal rules. Jumping down this rabbit hole..

quick recap of tweet dump:

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