10 Ten-Minute Free Book Promotion Actions You Can Take Today

Feb 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Do you have 10 minutes? Yes? Let’s promote your book!

Choose one of the actions from the following list and act now. Don’t let doubts (will it work?) or excuses (I need coffee first) delay you. Act now, get it out of the way and then sip your coffee. Trust me, your coffee will taste so much sweeter if you do something — even a small thing — to promote your book.

1. Write a Guest Post: Social Exchange Submission Form

In 10 minutes you can put in a short elevator pitch about yourself and your book. Put in a link back to your book landing page and you have icing on top of cake — you get SEO juice from a top blog and you get our blog’s readers viewing your book as well.


2. Zavesti Author Spotlight

Get your gold author spotlight badge from zavesti.com and display it proudly on our blog. It gives you bragging rights and adds to your credibility. Even more so, your story gets spotlighted on the zavesti.com home page which is constantly being promoted by the zavesti team. Zavesti Author Spotlight

3. The Amazing Story Template: Tell Your Story!

Creative writing in a box! Use the zavesti.com template to write a short spellbinding story about your creative journey. Just follow the template and you will be ahead of 90% of writers.


4. Free Blog & Vlog Templates

Download the free templates from zavesti.com and try out at least one of them. Do you see a difference?

5. Join in the Zavesti Inner Circle

Join in the exclusive network where “writers help writers”. Our goal is simple — by joining forces we can help each other sell more books or other creative products. A huge number of tools and resources become instantly available to you when you become an inner circle member.

6. Join the Book Writers and Reviewers Facebook Group

You can then post requests for reviews, connect with other authors and partner for cross-promotion or simply put in shout-out post for your own book.

7. Take the quick marketing maturity quiz with the Digital Marketing Self Assessment Tool for Self Published Authors

Not only does the tool identify where you are in the book promotion world, it also gives suggestions for actions you can take now based on your maturity level. And the various sections in the quiz give you an instantaneous bird’s eye view of the entire spectrum of activities which go into book promotion.

8. Read the Zavesti Book Review Submissions Policy and submit your book for a review.

Getting book reviews is easy. I can guarantee at least one fair and honest review — mine :) Is working with book bloggers difficult? No! I agree that there are some book bloggers who pride themselves on giving a hard time to authors. But there are thousands of great book bloggers who want to help writers. Get your book reviewed today!

9. Read the “Book Marketing Strategies : Quick Start Guide for Self Published Authors” and do just ONE thing to promote your book.

The book marketing strategies guide summarizes the strategies which we oursleves use at zavesti.com. This is a no-fluff practical set of tips. Try out one today.

10. Take a crack at writing a magnetic headline using this post: How to Write Attention Grabbing Video Titles, Blog Headlines & Book Names

Your magnetic headlines will make your spiel attention grabbing whether you write book chapters, Facebook shout-outs, blogs or even emails. Use suggestions in the post to write just ONE headline for a Facebook post and see the results.


Marketing Tools & Resources for Self-Published Authors, Bloggers, Vloggers

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